The following table overviews the registration types and related costs.

Registration TypeFee
Full registration – Non EETN members100 Euro
Full registration – EETN members70 Euro
Student registration20 Euro

All registration types have access to the full virtual conference, including the workshops, special events and tutorials that take place within SETN 2020.

You may also want to check the Frequently Asked Questions below.

Online registration – Updated (Aug, 27)!

You can register online, through the following link:

Registration now supports credit card payment, through the secure Alpha e-Commerce (Alpha Bank) payment platform.

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More information on the terms of use, cancellation policy, payment security, as well as alternative methods of payment (e.g. bank transfer) are provided through the Eventora platform in the above link.

Deadlines for registration – Updated!

Important for main conference paper authors: At least one author of each accepted paper in the main conference must register for SETN 2020 and pay the full conference registration fee by July 30, 2020 August 10th, 2020 in order for the paper to be included in the proceedings and the final conference program.

Important for workshop paper authors: Each accepted paper in any workshop must have a registered author. The registered author needs to pay the full conference registration fee by July 30, 2020 August 25th, 2020 in order for the paper to be included in the final workshop programs.

All participants should register at their earliest convenience. The registration will remain open during the conference.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. I am the author of two (or more) main conference papers. Do I need to register multiple times?
    Since you can only register once, your registration (full conference registration fee) will be used to support one of the papers. For each of the other paper(s), one of your co-authors will need to register.
  2. I am a co-author of many workshop papers which have been accepted. Do I need a registration for each paper, as with the main conference papers?
    The workshop paper requirements are a little different. For each paper accepted in a workshop, it is enough to have at least one registered author (with the full conference registration fee). Thus, the same full registration would be enough for any one or more workshop papers.
  3. I am a student that got my paper accepted. What fee should I pay?
    If your registration will be used for the paper (see points 1 and 2 above), then it should be a full fee registration. If one your co-authors already paid a full fee registration to cover the paper, then you can use the student fee.
  4. I have accepted papers in the main conference, but also in workshops. What should I do?
    You need to cover the requirements for the main conference, as explained above (point 1), and also the requirements concerning workshops (point 2). Essentially, your registration (with the full conference registration fee) covers one main conference paper, and all workshop papers.
  5. Do PC members, Workshop Chairs, Special Event Chairs need to register the conference to attend it (digitally)?
    Yes, they do.
    However, each Chair Committee of a Workshop or Special Event will have access to 1 free pass (per Workshop/Event), plus 1 additional free pass for every 10 full registrations they receive. The Committee can use these passes as they see fit (e.g. for invited speakers). For more details, the workshop organizers should communicate with the SETN organizers.
  6. If I just want to watch the presentations (perhaps without being a student or researcher), can I attend? Do I need to register and pay a fee?
    Yes, you need to register with a full registration fee, and you will have full access to the conference normally.
  7. I am registering through my Greek University/Research Organization. Can we get an invoice and pay later?
    Yes. Make sure you check the appropriate checkbox in the online registration process, when it becomes available. If you have any problem please contact the organizers for support.
  8. I have contributed to an accepted paper and one of the other authors paid the full registration. I would like to present the paper though. Do I need to register?
    Yes. All attendants (including presenters) need to have registered appropriately to attend. If you are a student and the full registration for your paper has been covered by a co-author, you may use the student registration for yourself.
  9. I will be presenting work from the time when I was a student (e.g. my MSc thesis). I am no longer a student, though. Can I pay the student fee?
    No. The registration reflects your current status, regardless of when the work was conducted.