The Workshop and Special Event Proceedings have been published and are available online.

Day 2: September, 3rd, 17:00-21:00

Artificial Intelligence, Ethics and Law


  • Lilian Mitrou, Professor, Aegean University
  • Ion Androutsopoulos, Professor, Athens University of Economic and Business
  • Spiros Tassis, Chairman, Hellenic Association of Data Protection & Privacy


This special event is concerned about the legal implications of developing and using AI systems in practice. In particular, it will focus on a range of legal issues concerning AI, such as explainability, IP rights and liability. Overall, this special event aims at presenting a comprehensive overview of the legal framework on AI as well as potential applications of AI in our legal system. It is expected to attract the interest of the SETN 2020 attendants.

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1st panel: AI, Data and Ethics
Moderator: Lilian Mitrou

D. Zafeirakopoulos, P. Stefaneas – Remarks on the Ethical Behaviour of Artificial Intelligence
K. Zouvia – Artificial Intelligence and Whistleblowing
P. Kitsos – Law enforcement in the Age of Artificial Intelligence
P. Balboni, M. Taborda Barata, A. Botsi, K. Francis – Designing Connected and Automated Vehicles around Legal and Ethical Concerns – Data Protection as a Corporate Social Responsibility
2nd panel The impact of AI on the legal order
Moderator: Vasilis Karkatzounis

Dr. M. Chatzipanagiotis – Product Liability Directive and software updates of automated vehicles
E. Tzoulia – Algorithmic competition from the perspective of EU law
C. Kotios – Algorithmic pricing and the consumers’ welfare
S. Papastergiou – A critical analysis on the denial of inventorship rights to AI and Creative Computers
3rd panel: AI and the future of the legal system
Moderator: Spiros Tassis
E. Troulinos – The prospects of Artificial Intelligence in a Court Information System
Dr. K. Komnios – Predictive Analytics in court proceedings
A. Nousias, A. Couillault, S. Almpani – From Legal Documents to Legal Document Management Systems; The case of LegiCrowd
A. Kosmopoulos, S. Fikari, G. Giannakopoulos – The Impact of Using Machine Learning for the Thematic Classification on Legal Documents
E. Chelioudakis – When European Criminal Justice meets Orwell: Assessing Risk Assessment tools
E.V. Bampasika – Artificial Intelligence as Evidence at Criminal Trial