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The structure of the Main Conference is as follows.

SETN 2020 – DAY 1 (September 2nd)

8:00-8:30 General arrangements

8:30-9:00 SETN 2020 Opening Ceremony

C. Spyropoulos, General Chair of SETN 2020 – Welcome Talk
V. Digalakis, Deputy Minister of Education – Welcome Message
I. Androutsopoulos, Program Chair of SETN 2020 – SETN 2020 Program Introduction

9:00-9:55 Session 1: Agents, Games, Planning
Session Coordinators: Ch. Akasiadis/ G. Chalkiadakis

S. Singh, D. Khemani – Planning with Subjective Knowledge in a Multi-Agent Scenario (full)
E. Rigas, E. Gerding, S. Stein, S. Ramchurn, N. Bassiliades – Mechanism design for efficient allocation of electric vehicles to charging stations (full)
A. Theodoridis, G. Chalkiadakis – Monte Carlo Tree Search for the Game of Diplomacy (full)
A. Georgara, G. Chalkiadakis – Hedonic Utility Games (full)

9:55-10:05 10 min break

10:05-11:00 Session 2: Biomedical AI
Session Coordinators: A. Krithara / G. Paliouras

D. Zaikis, I. Vlahavas – Drug-Drug Interaction Classification Using Attention Based Neural Networks (full)
N. Gialitsis, G. Giannakopoulos, M. Athanasouli – Evaluation of distributed DNA representations on the classification of conserved non-coding elements (full)
D. Kalfakakou, A. Krithara, G. Paliouras – Splice site prediction across different organisms: A transfer learning approach (full)I. Bargiotas, A. Kalogeratos, M. Limnios, P.P. Vidal, D. Ricard, N. Vayatis – Multivariate two-sample hypothesis testing through AUC maximization for biomedical applications (short)

11:00-11:30 30 min break

11:30-12:30 Plenary Keynote 1
Theodoros Evgeniou, INSEAD
Understanding the Humans and Machines System?

Coordinators: V. Karkaletsis / I. Vlahavas

12:30-14:00 90 min break

14:00-14:55 Session 3: Biomedical Computer Vision, Image Retrieval
Session Coordinators: Th. Giannakopoulos / N.Vassilas

A. Makris, I. Kontopoulos, K. Tserpes – COVID-19 detection from chest X-Ray images using Deep Learning and Convolutional Neural Networks (full)
A. Kallipolitis, A. Stratigos, A. Zarras, I. Maglogiannis – Explainable Fully Connected Visual Words for the Classification of Skin Cancer Confocal Images (full)
C. Nasioutzikis, M. Tzelepi, A. Tefas – Deep Hashing Regularization Towards Hamming Space Retrieval (short)
A. Sakharov – Hierarchical Resolution For Structured Predicate Definitions (full)

SETN 2020 – DAY 2 (September 3th)

8:00-8:30 General arrangements

09:00 — 09:55 Session 4: Computer Vision
Session Coordinators: St. Perantonis / V. Gatos

G. Sfikas, D. Ioannidis, D. Tzovaras – Quaternionic keypoint description for multispectral imaging (full)
D. Koumoutsou, E. Charou – A Deep Learning approach to Hyperspectral Image Classification using an improved Hybrid 3D-2D Convolutional Neural Network (full)
A. Petropoulos, C. Diou – Combining PENCIL with AMDIM for image classification with noisy and sparsely labeled data (short)
P. Pegios, N. Passalis, A. Tefas – Improving Universal Style Transfer using Sub-style Decomposition (short)

9:55 — 10:05 10 min Short Break

10:05 — 11:00 Session 5: Natural Language Processing 1
Session Coordinators: G. Petasis / P. Malakasiotis

K. Papantoniou, Y. Tzitzikas – NLP for the Greek Language: A Brief Survey (full)
J. Koutsikakis, I. Chalkidis, P. Malakasiotis, I. Androutsopoulos – GREEK-BERT: The Greeks visiting Sesame Street (full)
V. Barzokas, E. Papagiannopoulou, G. Tsoumakas – Studying the Evolution of Greek Words via Word Embeddings (full)
P. Prokopidis, S. Piperidis – A Neural NLP toolkit for Greek (short)

11:00 — 11:30 30 min Break

11:30 — 12:30 Plenary Keynote 2
Vincent Müller, Technical University of Eindhoven (TU/e)
Is there such a thing as ethics of AI? What form should it take?

Coordinator: A. Noussias

12:30 — 14:00 90 min Long Break

14:00 — 14:55 Session 6: Telecommunications, Privacy, Missing Information
Session Coordinator: G. Tsoumakas

T. Kamalakis, L. Dogkas, F. Simou – Application of a Genetic Algorithm to Optimize the Performance of a Visible Light Communications System: Key Concepts and Preliminary Results (full)
V. Tosounidis, G. Pavlidis, I. Sakellariou – Deep Q-Learning for Load Balancing Traffic in SDN Networks (full)
G. Feretzakis, K. Mitropoulos, D. Kalles, V. S. Verykios – Local Distortion Hiding (LDH) Algorithm: a Java-based prototype (full)
C. Platias, G. Petasis – A Comparison of Machine Learning Methods for Data Imputation (full)

14:55 — 15:15 20 min Break

15:15 — 16:15 Tutorial
G. Chalkiadakis, G. N. Yannakakis
From Game Theory to AI in Games

Coordinator: G. Giannakopoulos

SETN 2020 – DAY 3 (September 4th)

8:00-8:30 General arrangements

09:00 — 09:55 Session 7: Natural Language Processing 2
Session Coordinators: I. Androutsopoulos / P. Malakasiotis

N. Bartziokas, T. Mavropoulos, C. Kotropoulos – Datasets and Performance Metrics for Greek Named Entity Recognition (full)
K. Korovesis, G. Alexandridis, G. Caridakis, P. Polydoras, P. Tsantilas – Leveraging aspect-based sentiment prediction with textual features and document metadata (full)
N. Mylonas, S. Karlos, G. Tsoumakas – Zero-Shot Classification of Biomedical Articles with Emerging MeSH Descriptors (full)
I. Loumiotis, G. Petasis – A corpus augmentation approach for improving the performance of dialogue systems in the Greek language (short)

9:55 — 10:05 10 min Short Break

10:05 — 11:00 Session 8: Mixed Topics
Session Coordinators: G. Giannakopoulos

A. Koutsimpela, K. Koutroumbas – Stochastic gradient descent possibilistic clustering (full)
A. Tzanetos, G. Dounias – Sonar Inspired Optimization based Feature Selection (full)
A. Vassiliades, T. Patkos, A. Bikakis, G. Flouris, N. Bassiliades, D. Plexousakis – Preliminary Notions of Arguments from Commonsense Knowledge (short)

11:00 — 11:30 30 min Break

11:30 — 12:30 Plenary Keynote 3
Themis Palpanas, University of Paris
Scalable Machine Learning on Large Sequence Collections

Coordinators: G. Giannakopoulos / D. Plexousakis

12:30 — 14:00 90 min Long Break

14:00 — 14:55 Session 9: Forecasting, Trajectory Prediction
Session Coordinator: Ir. Varlamis

M. Papatsimpas, Y. Lykogiorgos, K. Parsopoulos – FOREX Trading Model Based on Forecast Aggregation and Metaheuristic Optimization (full)
T. Zafeiriou, D. Kalles – Intraday Ultra-Short-Term Forecasting of Foreign Exchange Rates using an Ensemble of Neural Networks based on Conventional Technical Indicators (full)
J. Violos, S. Tsanakas, M. Androutsopoulou, G. Palaiokrassa, T. Varvarigou – Next Position Prediction using LSTM Neural Networks (full)
C. Spatharis, K. Blekas, G. Vouros – Apprenticeship learning of flight trajectories prediction with inverse reinforcement learning (full)

15:15 — 16:15 Plenary Keynote 4
Yiannis Aloimonos, University of Maryland
The action grammar

Coordinators: D. Kalles/ N. Spanoudakis

16:15 — 16:45 Plenary Closing Session (Awards)